Kenetics trading company hk 香港 ﹣堅柏成衣時裝貿易出口公司

Kenetics trading company hong kong do tradings elegant china fashion products for
Europe, United States and East Asia. Our company's main markets are all over the world with special discounts for some trendy, fashion and stylistics products.Kenetics trading company making business in wholesale trade of fashion male and female wears.Kenetics trading company has support of great manufacturers in mainland china. As an exporters of fashion wears kenetics trading company do tailor-made products also. Your special designed pattern are welcome.

Kenetics Trading Company hong kong - Kenetics trading company hk is a cimpany of china fashion products for merchandise, trading and wholesale merchandiser/traders, We trade fashion Ladies' Wear, smart Men's Wear and trendy children's Wear products. Trading, merchandise and tailor-made textile fashions products as style cloths and wears - t-shirts, denim jeans to silk dresses.

Kenetics trading company hong kong product lines -
1. Ladies' Wear hk -be sharp be sweet -
We have profound experience on ladies' fashions. Our factories are currently supplying apparels to famous customers like Gap of U.S., Jacob of Canada, Tchibo of Germany and Lindex of Scandinavia. Our specialised items are varied from T-shirts, denim jeans to silk dresses
2. Men's Wear hk - be cool be smart -
Chino pants is one of our chief products. Not only do we produce quality shirts, jackets and trousers; but we also provide work and office uniforms to some famous foreign organisations and co-operations
3. Children's Wear hk - be childish be cute -
We are familiar with children's wear for customers like Disney, Baby Gap & Gap Kids etc. Novelty prints, embroidery and trims are not a problem to us. And more important is that our factories are fully aware the strict quality assurance standard on market.

Kenetics hong kong 香港 ﹣堅柏成衣時尚服裝貿易出口公司
香港 ﹣堅柏時裝貿易公司 Kenetics Trading Company hk 主要生產l中國時尚服裝出口成衣店-時尚男裝、
迎合歐美中國巿場及中國東南亞時尚服裝巿場之需要,香港 ﹣Keneticstrading company hong kong

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